Hearty congrates to SMART ABC on pursuing a unique approach to enhance and to empower the pupil and educators.

Sr. Shiny Stephan

Fusco Senior Secondary School, Pooparamba, Kannur

Its proud and happy moment for me to be with SMART ABC. Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to all the members if this institution providing their excellent methodology of teaching’ I hope this venture will act as a tool to strengthen the English language among the students. We had lot of dreams last year and implementing communicative English in our campus was one among them. I’m really happy seeing our students developing their communication skill in English.

Mr. Shokath Ali Thayal

Secretary, KHM English School, Manikoth, Kanhangad, Kasaragod

We are really proud to be associated with SMART ABC, since we started the programme there is tremendous improvement in the learning aspects of our students. They help students to develop best communication skills which are essential for day to day life. So I wish them all success.


Manager, Infant Jesus English School, Kenichira, Wayanadu

SMART ABC is a group of people with innovative, inspirational and resourceful ideas. They made our campus improved in all aspects. I wish them success in all their ventures in future.

Mr. Vinoy

Principal, MYMA English School, Padne, Kasaragod